Thursday, March 3, 2011

Across the Globe- "Monsieur A"- French Grafitti Artist

What better way to learn about Art than through exploration?
In an attempt to explore the Art World I will be researching Street Artists across the world.
First Stop is France and the Street Artist "Monsieur Andre aka "Monsieur A aka 1X"

Monsieur A is a French Graffiti Artist with a unique character known as "1X" (One X). You might find 1X  splattered across a comfy chair (See Below). Or maybe on your favorite Belvedere bottle of Vodka from Holland!!! First spotted in the early 90s,"Monsieur A" now has a toy line with "Medicom Toys” and a shoe line with "Feiyue Shoes" as well as a Camera Line.
This Street Artist turned prolific entrepreneur is an example of success through simple, imaginative, DOPE, creations.
Check out his work and the link to his homepage below!

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